Assurance. Review. Confidence.

We understand many businesses rely on financial statements which have been audited or reviewed. The audit and review process satisfies the need of banks and creditors, ensures accounting procedures and internal controls function as designed, and provide owners with confidence in financial information.

Our audit and review services begin with understanding your business, operations, and specific goals to develop an audit plan tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We strive to provide our clients with an understanding of the process and identifying issues the organization may have with processes and controls.

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Financial Statement Audit

Audit services are designed to provide our clients with the highest level of assurance and confidence in their financial information to satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies, banks and creditors, and organization by laws. Our experience allows us to develop an audit tailored to our industry, needs, and business.

Financial Statement Review

Some organizations and transactions don’t require a full scope financial statement audit and instead rely on financial statement review services. Review services are designed to provide a level of confidence around financial statements in situations which don’t require a full-scope financial statement audit. As with our Audit services, we work with our clients and their stakeholders to understand the needs around the review and develop plans and approach to meet those requirements.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Maintaining employee benefit plans is complex and regulations are ever changing. The Department of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, and other regulatory agencies require reporting and compliance related to benefit plans. Our experience with benefit plan audits allow us to deliver services to effectively meet the needs or our clients and satisfy compliance with regulatory agencies.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Agreed upon procedures can be tailored to meet the unique and individual circumstances which arise for our clients. Common examples include reviewing due diligence prior to a major buy, sell, or merger transaction, testing specific areas of financial statements (such as receivables or inventory), and investigating areas for fraud. We are able to report on our findings and provide clients with information related to the process and determinations.

Internal Control Review

Internal Control Reviews focus on performing an overall assessment of controls for our clients. By reviewing these controls, reporting findings, and developing plans to strengthen controls we help our clients protect their assets from fraud and misrepresentation in financial statements. These services often help our clients improve security and efficiency across the organization.