About our Firm

Rhodes Osiek Patyk & Company was established in 1979 as a general accounting, tax, and consulting firm. We currently provide a variety of accounting and business services to clients across the state of Texas. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of quality, service, and value to enable them to succeed.

The Partners of Rhodes Osiek Patyk & Company, LLP bring with them their knowledge, experience, and training from their years with the traditional Big Four firms. Our firm prides itself on bringing the quality, experience, and commitment to client service of the large firms to small and medium sized businesses across the state of Texas.

We believe competent professional service requires a full knowledge and individual approach to each clients business. We work with our clients to develop a deep understanding of the unique processes and situations in their business. We believe this individual attention provides our clients the best service possible.

Our Mission and Values


Our mission is to use our accounting, tax, and business expertise to help our clients meet not only their accounting and compliance requirements but also serve as a trusted business advisor to bring value to our clients and help them achieve their goals and success.


Our firm has five core values which we strive to demonstrate with our clients, within our office, and in our communities.

Quality and Accuracy

We provide our clients with accounting, tax, and financial perspective that is thorough, accurate, and correct the first time and every time.

Clients best interest

We believe in putting our clients’ best interests first: we will always recommend and prescribe the services which you need, and nothing more.

Straightforward answers

Accounting, tax, and legal regulations can be extremely technical and complicated; we provide our clients with perspective and answers which are simple, straightforward, and concise.


No matter how big or small your question, issue, or situation is, we are committed to being responsive to our clients needs.


We are fully committed to being open, honest, and candid about our clients’ businesses and financial matters.