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Tax regulations and requirements are complex and constantly changing. Individual income and expenses, business transactions, and investments all create tax consequences. Our tax services stay abreast of changing regulations, deliver compliance, and develop the proper plans to mitigate tax surprises.

Our goal is to provide relevant, useful, and actionable tax advice to businesses and individuals alike. Our experience makes us a valuable asset when preparing returns, developing tax strategies to mitigate tax exposure, composing financial plans, and effectively transferring estates.

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Business and Individual Income Tax Preparation

Tax compliance and filing services work with our clients to ensure tax reporting requirements and deadlines are met on time and adhere to current tax standards. We have a thorough understanding of applicable rules and legislation for individuals and businesses. We help our clients understand their specific filing requirements, the transactions which influence tax liabilities, and explain their tax liability in an understandable manner.

Tax Planning

Tax planning services provide clients a way to be proactive about their tax liabilities. Planning services involve working with both individual and business clients to understand income and significant transactions in order to project tax liabilities at year end, take steps to alleviate tax consequences, and avoid tax surprises.

Business Set Up and Choice of Entity

Many choices present themselves when creating a business or organization. Understanding business goals, potential business risks, and tax regulation, we provide unique perspective in selecting and creating the appropriate type of entity. Beyond helping with entity selection, our firm is able to provide prudent advice related to business operations and activities.

State and Local Tax Compliance

In addition to applicable federal tax requirements and regulations, we help clients with applicable state and local tax regulations and authorities. Examples of state and local tax issues we assist clients with are sales and use tax, individual state income tax, and property tax.

Payroll Tax

Processing and executing payroll for a business can become very complicated very quickly. Our payroll tax services assist clients in meeting the filing requirements associated with federal, state, and local regulations related to payroll taxes. This includes reviewing client payroll information, determining which benefits and deductions are taxable, and preparing the appropriate filings for federal and local withholding, medicare, social security, and unemployment taxes.

IRS Inquiry and Dispute Services

Each year millions of taxpayers receive letters and notices from the IRS. We help clients deal with these inquiries, often times with no additional tax impact or penalty. If you are unfortunate enough to receive one of these notices, it is important to deal with it quickly and correctly the first time to avoid future issues.