Growth. Leverage. Returns.

Businesses are constantly facing new challenges, issues, and questions. Our consulting and advisory services focus on driving revenue growth, leveraging expenses, and increasing returns on assets for our clients. These focal points will always be paramount to the success of any business organization.

We have experience helping businesses in every part of the lifecycle, from start up organizations to well-established companies. We work with our clients to assess current operations, make comparisons to industry practices, develop improvement plans, and implement solutions.

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Business and Strategic Planning

Business and strategic planning services are designed to work with business owners and leaders to evaluate the business, the economic environment, and current trends in the marketplace. Taking into consideration these various perspectives allow us to develop strategic and long-range plans to help businesses grow. Our background and experience allow us to take strategies and see them through to implementation.

Business Operations Improvement

Services offered as part of business operations improvement include focus on evaluating current practices and processes, and improving core business functions and infrastructure in place. Work in the business operations area helps create efficiency in current cost structures and better utilize assets of the business.

Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture

Merger, acquisition, and divestiture services assist our clients in the two critical areas of any significant business transaction. First, we are able to assist our clients by evaluating and forecasting the financial impact of potential mergers or divestiture activities, ensuring business owners understand the return on investment. Second, we are able to assist in the integration or separation of the processes and systems in place at organizations going through a significant business event.

Compensation and Incentive Plans

Compensation and incentive plan services assess current compensation plans, survey business owners to identify important criteria, comparing options to other compensation plans, and maintaining the metrics and financial records necessary to calculate compensation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The framework for our plans is designed to incent the desired behavior of employees in the organization and deliver maximum returns for business owners.